Starlight Developments is excited to share our vision to redevelop 580 The East Mall with one new 26-storey rental apartment building. The redevelopment will provide new shared indoor and outdoor amenity spaces, landscaping features, pedestrian connections, a pick-up and drop-off area, new bicycle parking and enhanced underground parking, all of which will be available to both existing and new residents. These proposed changes to the property will contribute new, high quality, rental housing options for those looking to rent in the East Mall neighbourhood, on a site located close to public transit and Highway 427, and next to Capri Park.

As part of this proposed redevelopment, the existing 16-storey building on site would remain and the new 26-storey rental apartment building would be built in the western part of the property.

Through this website, we invite you to learn more about the project and share with us your questions and feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Neighbourhood

580 The East Mall is located in Etobicoke, on the west side of The East Mall, just south of Rathburn Road. The site is in an area with a variety of community services and amenities, including junior and middle schools, libraries, community centres and parks, and is within 100-metres (3-minute walking distance) of the intersection of Rathburn Road and The East Mall at which regular transit services are provided along north-south and east-west TTC bus routes.

The East Mall / Etobicoke


What’s happening to the existing 16-storey rental apartment building on the site?

There will be no changes to this building other than regular maintenance. As part of a previously approved application to the City, six new units will be built on the ground floor, along with a new fitness room. The existing building will remain as part of our proposal to redevelop the site.

How will the tenants of the existing buildings be impacted?

The development process takes a very long time and there will be no immediate changes to the property other than regular maintenance. We need to secure the necessary approvals from the City first to begin any construction on the site, which is still many years away. If we do attain the necessary approvals, there would be a new 26-storey apartment building on the site, new shared indoor and outdoor amenity spaces, landscaping features, pedestrian connections, pick-up and drop-off area, bicycle parking and enhanced underground parking. Current tenants of 580 The East Mall would have access to these new amenities and underground parking garage provided as part of this development.

Will there be any meetings with current tenants to discuss the proposal?

Yes, as soon as it is safe to do so in person, we plan on have meetings with the tenants in the existing building. Given the public health prohibitions on gatherings, we are also exploring options for virtual meetings.

What’s next in the planning process?

We submitted our development application to the City of Toronto on August 08, 2021. The next step is for the City to review our proposal and provide us with comments. The City will also be scheduling a broader community meeting, currently planned for April 04, 2022, to provide the public with the opportunity to learn more about the proposal, ask questions, and provide their feedback.

How can I ask questions or comment on your proposal?

Please scroll to the bottom of this website and you will see a form for submitting comments and questions.

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Project Timeline

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City Submissions /

Reports and documents submitted to the city.

Development Applications

Application Form. / AUG 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Cover Letter. / AUG 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Declaration of Use Form. / AUG 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Draft Zoning By-Law Amendment 569-2013. / AUG 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Draft Zoning Bylaw Amendment FGZBL. / AUG 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Housing Issues Report. / AUG 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Planning Rationale. / AUG 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Project Data Sheet. / AUG 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Public Consultation Plan. / AUG 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Shadow Study. / AUG 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Toronto Green Standards Checklist. / AUG 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Air Quality Study. / JUL 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Arborist Report. / JUL 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Architectural Plans. / JUL 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Civil Engineering and Utilities Plans. / JUL 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Groundwater Servicing Report. / JUL 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Noise Impact Study. / JUL 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Site Grading and Drainage Summary. / JUL 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Stormwater Servicing Report. / JUL 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Geotechnical Study. / JUN 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Pedestrian Level Wind Study. / JUL 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Transportation Impact Study. / JUL 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Tree Preservation Plan. / JUL 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Hydrogeological Report. / JUN 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Hyrdological Review Summary. / JUN 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Landscape Plans. / JUN 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Application Checklist. / MAR 2021 / DOWNLOAD

Survey Plans. / MAR 2020 / DOWNLOAD


Team /

At Starlight Developments we believe in the lasting value of complete communities that work for people.  We are proud to be one of Canada’s leading developers and managers of purpose-built rental housing, office, retail, and mixed-use developments.  We want our residents to experience improved quality of living, with access to best in class amenities. We build environments that are modern, diverse, and sustainable places where people want to live, work, shop and play.  And we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our residents, staff and neighbours.

Starlight believes in being active, engaged and contributing members of the community.

WZMH Architects is an award-winning architectural partnership established in 1961 in Toronto, Ontario. Since its inception, WZMH has built a reputation on innovative design, technical expertise and dynamic leadership.

The firm’s expertise encompasses all aspects of the architectural process from master planning, site evaluation and feasibility studies, through the design and construction documentation phases, to the final selection of finishes and fittings for building interiors. The firm’s experience spans significant institutional and corporate projects, courthouse design, hotel and conference facilities, data centres, retail and office developments, resort and entertainment complexes, educational and residential buildings, as well as a number of major master plan studies. Project locations range from dense urban downtown sites to suburban, stand-alone facilities. All of these projects included diverse client and user groups with complex programming and technical requirements.

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